A Review of FuturesTrader71’s Paid Webinars

I got turned on to Volume Profiling on Big Mike’s Trading Forum in my quest to learn more about the markets. The whole idea of seeing that market as an auction process sounded interesting because the idea is very easy to visualize and it provide a good foundation to build ideas on. Thus as I started to research more about volume profiling, I was quickly directed to FuturesTrader71 (Also known at FT71) and his website at www.futurestrader71.com.

FT71 is a trader first, but he also is working with a brokerage which has a trading room that FT71 runs. FT71 also has done several videos of various topics with no real organization, except for a series of videos he did on Big Mike’s Trading Forum, and his webinar series which you can access with a donation of $130 for the 4 of them (Each webinar can be donated to separately).

Given that I was learning more about volume profiling, I was curious about his webinar series and if would provide the value for the money. I couldn’t really find any review of them, so I made the investment and I’ll write the reviews myself.

First, a disclaimer. This is my opinion of the videos and whether they are worth the money. I am a fan of FT71 and I like that he puts a lot of his content up for free, and then his paid content is for donation purposes. However I still believe that one needs to weigh the costs versus the benefits for any purchase or donation one is going to make.

First, a few comments about all videos

  • I really wish they were in format I could watch on my iPad. I use my iPad a lot these days to watch material like this. They could even be sold on iTunes and possibly get more exposure that way.
  • At the end of webinar 4, he says that he was going to do webinar 4.2: Research and Probabilities. I would LOVE to see that, but nothing has happened since webinar 4 was done several years ago.
  • There is a slight Audio/Video lag in parts where the audio is ahead of what is displayed on video. This is slightly annoying, but still watchable.

I’ve written each one up in a separate post because 1 post covering all 4 videos would be too big. Here are the links:

Review of Webinar #1

Review of Webinar #2

Review of Webinar #3

Review of Webinar #4


One response to “A Review of FuturesTrader71’s Paid Webinars

  1. Hi Shane, glad you enjoyed the BMT webinars with FT71. We have more scheduled in the future as well so keep checking in. The next one right now is scheduled November 1st 2012.

    — Big Mike

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