About Shane

Shane is like such an awesome dude. – Guy on street, Edmonton, AB

Shane is the most hansome white guy I have ever seen in my life! I’m texting all my friends about him right now!!!! LOL! – 14 Year Old Girl, Seoul, South Korea

Shane is very conscientious. – Mrs. Campell, Shane’s Grade 1 Teacher

Shane Brewer, was born in Camrose, Alberta, Canada, a small “city” of 15,000 people where the average age is 153. As his interests did not include lawn bowling, or sitting in McDonalds all day drinking free refills of coffee, he left Camrose for Lethbridge to pursue the coveted education degree.  Once he realized that he did not enjoy spending time with spoiled brats, he switched to the far more glamorous Computing Science degree.

Following a rockstarish 3 years which included several late nights playing video games and no English classes, he graduated in 2000 and subsequently became a software engineer in the Silicon Valley during the dot com boom. Within a year, he realized that he was not far enough in debt and returned to Alberta to pursue his Masters degree in Computer Science at the University of Alberta.  And as he didn’t think a graduate student was necessarily busy and cool enough, he trained as a competitive swimmer and competed in the 2004 Canadian Olympic Trials.

Despite the odds of computer scientists everywhere, he found a girl that was actually willing to date him (And has no known mental conditions and no brain damage… to date).  Given the low probability of winning the lottery twice, he followed her to her native land of South Korea where for a year he taught English (AKA played “hangman” with kids 6 hours a day for a full year), and finished his Masters thesis in every Starbucks located in Seoul.

After completing his Masters degree, Shane did what anyone would do after spending 7 years studying a subject and $100,000; he abandoned the field for a life of entrepreneurship which he thought would be even more rockstarish than a software engineer.  Shane started a company named Accelsun Corporation ( http://www.accelsun.com ) and began investing in real estate and the stock market, because that is way, way harder than computer science and Shane loves a challenge.

Shane currently lives somewhere in the world, but we never know for sure because he travels and moves so much (2.3 * times his age to date!).  However most of his time is spent somewhere between Edmonton, Alberta, Toronto, Ontario, and Seoul, South Korea.  He is married to the woman of his dreams, and by dreams I mean that she was actually willing to marry him. He also is the father of 1 daughter, whom he continues to insist is the cutest girl in the entire university throughout all time past, present and future in all discovered and undiscovered dimensions.

Shane’s passion is focused on the stock market and utilizing his technology background to research trading edges and to manage risk. Shane is a voracious learner and is currently expanding his expertise around utilizing volume profiling for trading edges, utilizing C# and .Net to develop fully automated trading systems, and obtaining his MCSD certification.

Some of Shane’s accomplishments include:

  • 1996: Broke the Alberta Summer Swimming Association provincial record for the 100 meter Breaststroke after only 4 years of swimming and was held for over a decade
  • 2001: Finished the Wildflower Half Ironman Triathlon in a time of 5 hours 45 minutes
  • 2006: Raised over $1.2 million dollars in joint venture funding for his real estate investing
  • 2006: Started the “Future Diamond Members Mastermind Group”, a group of real estate investors with a combined total of 500 properties in the city of Edmonton.
  • 2008: Became a student and guru of Options and Futures trading
  • 2012: Successful testing of 1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo at Kukiwon in Seoul, Korea
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