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Volume Profiling

One of my current trading goals is to become an expert at utilizing Volume Profiling as a foundation for my trading systems. Volume Profiling appeals to me because because it allows you to combine price movement with the levels that volume is being traded at. Based on this, you can see the rotates through price from value area to value area, which in turn gives a great foundation for developing your trading understanding, as well as system development.

Here is a list of volume profiling related articles I have written, as well as my research and corresponding NinjaTrader Strategies/Indicators. Additionally are some links to volume profiling resources that I read, and some volume profiling tools that I use.

Articles and Research

An Intro to Volume Profiling

The Initial Balance (IB)

Day Types

Opening Types

Volume Delta

  • An Intro to Volume Delta
  • Volume Delta Patterns

Composite Analysis

Profile Shapes

Volume Profiling Educational Resources

FuturesTrader71’s Website

Brett Steenbarger’s Blog

Rob Spain’s Website (No longer updated)

Peter Steidlmayer talks to the CME on Volume Strips

Volume Profiling Tools

Rancho Dinero – The Volume Profiling indicators I use with NinjaTrader

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  1. I purchased a lifetime licence for NinjaTrader a while ago and didn’t look at Multicharts at the time. While Multicharts looks like a good system, NinjaTrader 8 is looking really good and there is a lot more indicators for NinjaTrader at than Multicharts. But it’s probably best to give both a try and see what works best for you.

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